Centturion Capital LLC

While our core value-proposition has been and will be persistent

differentiator, now our timing is prescient with valuations in Europe at historic lows.

Our partners have all worked at the forefront of financial services, and with an understanding of the values and the culture that drive the sector, we’re in the best place to reshape it. By leveraging our expertise, we find new solutions to old challenges – focusing on enhancing the customer experience to enhance the prospects for our portfolio.

Blending this firm focus with our proven technologies puts us in a unique position to unlock value. We bring infrastructure and systems up to speed to improve efficiency, push productivity, grow revenue and – ultimately – build a platform for future value creation through equity financing and investing as the case may be.

Our Approch

  • Raise Capital : Equity firms play the role of raising capital by acquiring capital commitments from limited partners/external financial institutions such as retirement and pension funds, insurance companies, wealthy individuals, and endowments.
  • Due Dilligence:During analysis of potential companies for acquisition, public equity firms will take into account things such as the industry the company operates in.
  • Management through improvement of operation and  cost cutting: Even though equity firms are not involved in the day to day running of their portfolio companies, they provide a range of support and advice on strategy, financial management, and operations.
  • KeyTake aways :A private equity firm refers to an investment management company not listed on a public exchange that offers financial backing to private companies.

Meet Our Experts

Alan Podoski

Executive Director

Judith Lanworth

Senior Partner

Donovan Becker

Senior Partner

Our Philosophy 

As long-term investors, sustainability is central to all our investment decisions and the way we choose investments for all of our clients. As stewards of your money, we use our influence to drive positive change in corporate behaviour. If you would like to go a step further, and use your wealth to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes, we are here to help. Our sustainability portfolios can help you make a positive impact on people and the planet as well as meeting your financial needs.

Our Focus

We have been helping UK businesses to grow since 1984.We are a leading and established private equity/investment firm with presence across the UK, primarily targeting small management buy-outs and growth investment in businesses that are led by high quality incumbent management teams.

We own our business and personally invest in companies, alongside our funds, meaning we have a personal stake in the success of the businesses and teams in which we invest.


Experts in social investment and venture capital.

At Centturion Capital we have a wide range of experience across our team. We’re early stage investors, accountants and mathematicians, business leaders, commercial and spin-out specialists.
We’ve been backing regional entrepreneurs with global ambitions since the 80’s. These entrepreneurs work across digital technology, clean-tech, manufacturing, life sciences, social enterprise and much more.Investor Partners gain access to professionally appraised private equity and property investment.

Trusted by 1000s of Happy Clients

 A private equity firm with the mindset to question, and the operating experience to deliver.

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